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How Do You Know When Your Tires Need to Be Rotated?

One of the easier maintenance services to do on a car is tire rotation. By getting your tires rotated, it can prolong the life of your tires. This can also ensure that you have improved gas mileage and that your car rides at a steady manner as you drive down the road. By having your tires rotated regularly, it can keep the tread at an even wear. Uneven tire wear can cause you to have to replace the tire before the mileage claim has been met. All tires are given a mileage claim and said tires should meet their claim…

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Car Battery Service to Ensure Your Battery is Working Properly

The battery supplies the power to your vehicle. It supplies the energy for the headlights to work, the lights in the car, the stereo system, and more. Certainly, it is significant to make sure that the battery is in top condition before you drive it out on the road. It is imperative for you to get your battery checked on a regular basis to make sure that it is healthy and operating at optimum power...

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Stay Safe: Check Your Brakes

You are driving down the road when a small child or animal dashes out in front of you. Or the car ahead of you stops unexpectedly. In these moments, lives and limbs are counting on your vehicle's brakes to be in good condition and ready to function properly. Because you depend on your brakes to control the stopping of your vehicle, it is imperative that you keep them in good working order.

If it has been a year since your vehicle's brakes have been serviced, if you have driven 12,000 miles since your last brake check, or…
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Is Leasing Or Buying A Better Option?

There are advantages and disadvantages to leasing and buying cars. A buyer will either need to come up with the entire price of the car up front, or take out a personal loan. Loan payments will have interest attached. However, at the end of the payment the buyer will gain ownership of the vehicle. They then have the option to use the equity of car for whatever purposes they choose.

Lease contracts normally have cheaper monthly payments than car loans. The costumer is not indebted to the lender in this case. However, lease payments do not lead to ownership of…
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Ram Reveals the 1500 Copper Sport at Chicago

At the 2017 Chicago Auto Show, Ram is revealing Copper Pearl, a unique new, limited-edition color available for the manufacturer's popular 2017 Ram 1500 Sport truck. This vivid new tint joins Ignition Orange as singular, limited edition stand-out colors offered for the half-ton Sport trim.


A photo posted by Ram Trucks (@ramtrucks) on

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The 2017 RAM 1500 Rebel®: Able to take you Anywhere

There are trucks. Then there are RAM trucks. RAM tricks are a combination of power, capability, and efficiency that give you the confidence to do more. This isn’t more apparent than with the 2017 RAM 1500 Rebel® model that gives you the same great ability to tow and haul, but with the added capability of off-road prowess, this model is a sure-fire winner.

This specific model is something like you have never seen before. While any other RAM 1500 truck has an imposing stance on the road, the 2017 RAM 1500 Rebel® turns that feeling up a few notches…

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Eliminate Your Boundaries with the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The winter season is in full effect, and there are plenty of regions across the country that are seeing more than their fair share of snow, slush and ice. While the weather in the greater Richmond area is certainly more mild than most, the tried and true mantra of our Jeep models at Haley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram still remains - to provide freedom and adventure to every driver. No model is more eager to carve its own path than the Jeep Grand Cherokee. With plenty of ground clearance, powertrain options and the highly-effective 4-wheel drive, there isn't much this…

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